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For Individuals and Families of Children with Special Needs.

The Catholic Church wants all people of various abilities to feel welcome and to  participate in the life of the Church.  Catholics with disabilities have a right to actively participate in the Eucharist as full functioning members of the local Church.  This Mass is adapted to meet the needs of those joining us for the celebration by following the requirements for a Children’s Mass that offers limited sensory stimulation.

Inclusion Masses around the Diocese

Many Parishes in the Camden Diocese are now offering a Mass of Welcome and Inclusion. Below is a list of current Inclusion Masses. For the most up to date list, please visit the Diocesan website at

1st Saturday of the Month 

4:30 p.m. Mass, Christ Our Light, 402 N. Kings Hwy, Cherry Hill 

Mainstream Mass, all year.


2nd Sunday of the Month

1:00 p.m. Mass, Holy Eucharist Parish, 344 Kresson Rd, Cherry Hill.

Separate Mass, September to June.

3rd Saturday of the Month

4:30 p.m. Mass, Church of the Holy Family, 226 Hurffville Road, Sewell.

Mainstream Mass, all year.


3rd Sunday of the Month

9:00 a.m. Mass, Our Lady of Hope Parish, 701 Little Gloucester Road, Blackwood.

Mainstream Mass all year.

4th Sunday of the Month

12:15 Mass, St. Joachim Parish, 601 Browning Road, Bellmawr.

Separate Mass, all year.

St. Bart’s Program

Our Lady of Hope Parish offers a Faith Formation Program for children with Special Needs.

Our St Bart’s Program is specifically designed to walk with your child through their faith journey and prepare them to become full functioning members of the Catholic Faith.

St Bart’s Beginners  (Age 5-8)

 This group meets 10:15am to 11am every other Sunday in our Parish Center. This is an interactive program which prepares your child for the next level of Faith Formation. The St Bart’s Beginners Program offers your child the opportunity to know God and develop a relationship with Him without  the restrictions of a formal classroom setting.


St Bart’s Communion Prep  (Age 7 & older. Based on child’s needs)

 At this stage, your child is comfortable enough to interact in a classroom setting and Parents are welcome to attend class with their child as we prepare them to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion. This group meets every other Sunday from 9am – 10am


St Bart’s Confirmation Prep  (Age 12 & older. Based on child’s needs)

 Continuing in a comfortable classroom setting, our  Confirmation Prep class is designed to increase your child’s knowledge of their Catholic Faith and prepare them to be fully received in the Church. This group meets every other Sunday from 9am – 10am.

For more information on our St Bart’s Program for Special Needs Children or for Registration Information, please e-mail the St Bart’s Coordinator, Mrs. Kim Forte at:

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